You may have arrived at this site and be wondering why I am offering the opportunity for people to pay what they want for The Rules of Creation. The most honest answer is because that is what I have felt guided to do all along with this book. I tried a couple times to look at it a different way, but I always received the same nudge to correct my course, “Let people choose what they want to pay for it. Let them decide what value it has to them.” For me that is “paying by heart,” listening to your heart and paying what you feel called to.


I mentioned the idea to a friend (who didn’t think I was foolish, thank goodness) and he told me that there were musicians doing the same thing (this was before sites like BandCamp came along). I checked out Carsie Blanton’s website and loved her manifesto. She says it quite eloquently.

“If you hear my music, and you like it, and you want to take it home with you, don’t ask me what it’s worth.”

To me, it’s worth everything. It’s worth every failed love affair I wrote about. It’s worth the debts, and the late nights, and the incessant station wagon traveling. It’s worth every ounce of heartache that went into conceiving, writing, singing, and recording it. It’s worth all the money I’ve ever made, and ever spent, and ever will.

The question is: what’s it worth to you?” ~ Carsie Blanton

Her words helped me a great deal, because they let me know I was not alone in feeling that I can’t say what value this book will have in your life. However, it did occur to me that it might be a little easier for musicians, who can allow you to download a song for free or samples of multiple songs to see if you like it. How could I do that with a book?

The solution I came to is to make the first chapter available here for free as a pdf PDF. That way you can sit with the format and get a feel for what The Rules are about, work with the meditation and see how it feels to you. If you think the book will have a positive impact on your life then you are free “pay by heart” and purchase the whole book for whatever price you want, whether that be more or less than the retail price.

I realize that some people are uncomfortable with this idea. They want to know how much to pay, not figure it out for themselves. My first reaction to that is to take a look at why it makes you uncomfortable and sit with that, but I’m not here to make people uncomfortable, I’m here to share the words that move through me. Therefore, if you feel inspired to purchase the book, when you go to the payment page you will find that there are several options to choose from. My goal is to get The Rules of Creation to you. However you want to pay for it, I am grateful that you followed your heart here.

Now, following in Carsie Blanton’s footsteps one step further, I wrote my own manifesto!

My goal is to share The Rules of Creation. That’s it. I know the impact working with these rules had on my own life and it is beyond price. I have learned that the words that move through me are a gift first for me and then for all. They are meant to be shared as freely as possible. Yes, it took work over the course of nine years to birth The Rules of Creation, but it was a labor of love and deep joy. If I could afford to print lots of copies of it and give them away, I would. Maybe some day I will be able to do just that, with your help.

That’s the other part of my manifesto, if after working with the book you find that you underestimated the value of it in your life when you purchased it, come back. Buy another copy for the value you found in it and give it to a friend or have me ship it directly to a friend. Or buy another copy and indicate that you would like me to give it away to another and I will donate a copy to a library, or organization or individual. That way we can work together to share The Rules of Creation.

What it comes down to is a simple invitation from me to you…


Dear friend of my soul,

Please feel free to download chapter one of The Rules of Creation, entitled “You Are a Creator”. Read it, work with it, sit with it, draw it, sing it, do whatever you feel inspired to do with it. Know that it is offered with love and great joy.

If after you have read it (or before, if you feel so inspired) please feel free to “pay by heart” at whatever price you are inspired to pay. All I ask is that you truly take a moment to consider the value it may have in your life.

Then take your time working your way through the book and seeing how the rules fit into your own life and way of being. I would love to hear how your journey with the book goes (share your journey here). It took me eight years to really work through all the rules myself – one year for each rule – so go gently and with grace. I’m still discovering new things about the rules all the time! Most importantly, enjoy the journey! ~ Lynda