Lynda-Allen-The-Rules-of-CreationLynda Allen is a spiritual evolutionary, helping hearts to shift through sharing the story of her own evolution as a spiritual being. Lynda speaks to you through the writings, words and images with which Spirit fills the chalice of her heart. Her work will inspire you to open your own heart and embrace your journey, both the dark and the light, with joy. Simply stated, one of Lynda’s greatest gifts is that her words and insights reflect clearly back to you, the truth and beauty of who you are, making her a partner in the process of our global spiritual evolution.

Lynda’s own evolution as a writer and storyteller has its roots in her empathetic nature. She had been a storyteller in one form or another all of her professional life through film and video. However, after a year and a half of carrying the weight of collective sorrow following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the dam of her heart burst and overnight she discovered her soul’s calling and began writing. Her first collection of poetry, Rest in the Knowing, was the result of her learning to listen to the words as they flowed through her heart, often waking her from sleep with an urgent call to be heard. The reader easily finds themselves among the poems in Rest in the Knowing, as they are universal in their reflection of both the dark and the light of our journey, the moments of absolute clarity and utter confusion and the healing to be found upon each step of the journey. Lynda’s second collection of poetry, Illumine, speaks with the voice of one striving to live in each moment the spiritual truth of the light she discovered within her own heart. The light Lynda discovered for herself reaches off the page through the words of the poems, and opens the readers eyes and heart to the light within themselves. In this way, she connects with each heart through a celebration of the beautiful blend of light, joy, love and humanness that we are. Lynda’s new book, The Rules of Creation, is the culmination of eight years of personal practice, deep listening and allowing the words to flow freely through her heart to the page. What began as a one page document grew into a powerful guide to living each moment as a pure expression of Spirit. The rules are simple on the page and a challenge in living and walking them, yet as Lynda learned through her own practice of them, they are indeed transformative. Lynda shares her own journey of personal spiritual evolution and provides a gentle nudge to yours, when she shares her poetry and The Rules of Creation through readings and workshops.

Another of Lynda’s passions is helping to create a more peace filled world. She is committed to her personal meditation practice and to helping others with their own practice as well. To that end she hosts a meditation group, has worked with children and meditation, and co-leads a workshop called Peace Within Peace Without, inspired by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. The greatest peace challenge she set for herself turned out to be putting the word peace on her license plate, offering her the challenge of peaceful driving on a daily basis!