about-the-book-graphic“The Rules of Creation” by Lynda Allen

The Rules of Creation have been waiting to be born for nine years. They began as a simple, one-page treatise on how to joyfully create with the mysterious energy of life that I would call Spirit.

Since the rules flowed through me in their original form, I have been consciously and unconsciously practicing and living those rules so that I would be better able to share them with others. As the words began to flow for The Rules of Creation in book form and I paused to reflect upon the timing, I realized that it had been eight years: eight rules, eight years – one year to practice each one. Now they, and the wisdom they contain, are ready to be shared and I am ready to share them. That wisdom will help each heart it reaches to live more fully their divinity from a place of joy and love. That is one thing I have always known about the words that move through me, they speak to hearts.

The Rules of Creation is a handbook for living life from the pure essence of divinity from which we each sprang. The Rules not only share wisdom, but encourage each of us to explore the depths of our own innate wisdom as well. It offers eight simple rules to live by, which help us not only remember our own divinity, but to live from there with joy and certainty. It offers an opportunity to journey to a place where we are greeting every day with the joy of knowing that each moment we can choose to give back to the universe the pure essence of Spirit that was gifted to us. The transformation to this way of living will not always be simple or easy, but the goal of the transformation is a life lived from love and the soul’s joy and so is well worth the journey.

The rules are each accompanied by a meditation and/or exercise to help deepen the knowing and practice of each rule. The meditations and exercises are intended to be practices to be worked with again and again, reaching new depths of insight with each practice. Each rule is also accompanied by a mandala specific to that rule. The reader is encouraged to work with each mandala repeatedly, seeing new images and building on their insights each time. Once you have purchased the book you will have access to a pdf of each mandala to make printing them easier. The rules are also accompanied by the vibrant and inspiring images of artist, Tarver Harris, who in working with the rules has allowed Spirit to move through her in color and form.